Thank you, Dad.
For all you did.
We will not be sad,
But grateful for the life you lived,
And the sound worthy legacies you have left behind.

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  1. The death of Pa. J. O. O. Ojeleye came unexpected.
    Your death will create a big vacuum in all aspects of Gbongan land. You were a rare gem. As a father, we emulate you. As a community leader, we envy you. As a teacher, you are our role model. As a principal, you are our mentor. As a Rotarian, you are our mirror. In all, we shall surely miss you.
    Our assurance is that you have gone home to rest. Papa, rest in peace.

  2. Elder Dr Lere Ojeleye was a man of God. He loved people and was very patriotic. He was very dependable and a good confidant.
    He took care of my family and always ensured that everybody did well. He taught people to achieve their best. He ensured that no one failed but rather reached their destinies. He was a diligent and conscientious teacher.
    May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  3. Didun ni iranti olododo.
    The passing to Glory of our father Dr Olalere Ojeleye is difficult to bear because he has left a vacuum difficult to fill in the community.
    However in reflection, we celebrate an inspiring man who touched many lives.
    A rare gem, who became channel of blessings unto others.
    May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace- Amen

  4. I had limited physical contacts with Baba during his very glorious life – maybe about 4 or 5. But I can still say that my knowledge of him is still somewhat encyclopaedic. I read with interest his autobiography, A Grace- Filled Life, through which I gained valuable insights into the historical antecedents of what made him great. More importantly, I was extremely close to his son, Dr Kunle Ojeleye, who was my student both at Ife and at King’s College London, in whom I saw very clearly the traits he manifested in his autobiography – love, integrity, and dedication.

    Three words encapsulated Baba’ entire life: integrity; love; and determination. Throughout his life, Baba never walked in the neighbourhood of dirt. A high moral principle guided his long and blameless life. If people of my generation have all over our body the amount of integrity he had on just one finger, our lives would have been significantly different.

    On love, Baba’s focus was on four layers: he loved God, who he served devotedly; he loved his family, whom he guarded jealously; he loved his town, Gbongan, which he served faithfully; and he loved the teaching profession, which he esteemed above all other professions.

    Finally, Baba was a determined individual. Pursuing a Doctorate degree at an Old age is not a pursuit to be undertaken with people of slender ambitions. It is a pursuit in determination and courage.

    We join the entire Ojeleye family in thanking God for a great life well lived. Across the world thousands of his former students are happy where they are in life, and they have one Ojeleye to thank, and that one is Olalere Omolayo!

    Rest well, great man!!!

  5. Daddy, you taught me the fundamental of living a sacrificial life for others even when they do not deserve it.
    You are a silent achiever who touched the lives of people you came in contact with during your sojourn on earth.
    You were my father, friend, and brother rolled up into one. Most importantly, you showed me how to be disciplined and never despair in the face of difficulties.
    Daddy, rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Adieu, Pa J. O. O.

  6. Our life patron Overseer J.O.O Ojeleye, your demise was broken to us on 28th August 2021. Our role model had left us. You were a father to the movement in Gbongan Area. You hosted the first Lawna Group Scout meeting when it was moved out of Lagos in 2011.
    You provided more than enough support and encouraged us to go out fishing for more members so that Gbongon Scout group will be the first to reckon with. Why did you go so soon?
    All members bid you bye bye, and hope to see you on the resurrection day.
    Adieu Baba. Good night.

  7. Death is a necessary end that will definitely come when it will. Daddy as I always called you, you are a rare gem. You excelled in wisdom that is worth emulating. A unifying factor in Ojo’s family, you led by example showing us how to love each other, and your words of encouragement and advice whenever we talked showed that you were wisdom, knowledge and understanding filled.
    You treated anyone that come your way equally, no discrimination, no tribalism. Daddy you have being an ardent, truthful, obedient, humble and faith – based servant of God to the core, who totally gave himself for God’s service. This was shown when we worked together at the T.A.C. Gbongan Area Development Committee in which you served as Chairman and I as Treasurer. Your memory can not be forgotten.
    Ah sleep well, Adieu the Lord’s true soldier, my mirror. Daddy Gbongan Ipade tun di ojo Ajinde.

  8. All glory be to God for a life well spent of our father Overseer Dr. J.O.O. Ojeleye. Oh, what a beloved Father. You are not just a Father but a Father in deed. You lived a good life in the service of God and humanity. Baba was a man of great faith. Your love, passion and grace were awesome.
    We miss your love, advise, care, support, kindness and sacrifice. You came you saw and conquered. You have ran a good race, fought a good fight of faith and laid your crown at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    The memory of your good works and matchless faith can not be eroded in noble minds but remain fresh. Your legacy is boldly written in our hearts. Baba continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ till we meet to part no more.

  9. Overseer Joseph O. Ojeleye and I met when I was posted to Gbongan Community High School, Ife Road, Gbongan in November, 1985 as a Classroom teacher. I was drawn closer to him because of his firm stand on matters bordering on integrity in the school administration. His life style was no doubt many sides to many people. To some, pleasant, simple, a family tendon, friendly, hospitable, career focused, delightful, humble, loving and caring while to some, he was principled, ethical, meticulous, sometimes difficult, controversial and unpromising.
    He had a very large heart that accommodated all the people he met in various stages of his life, home, church and school. When he believed in something, he commits his all, he trusted with ease, he did all these with the fear of the Most High God.
    Baba Ojeleye, was fondly nicknamed A Triangular Man (from home – school – church).
    Baba, you have done your bit and left us to meet with your Lord. May we meet at the Resurrection morning. Adieu!!!
    Pastor Bode Akinjogbin

  10. Baba Ojeleye. You are not my biological father but you took me up as your daughter.
    I’m a living witness that you lived a fulfilled impactful life.
    You left a good legacy behind that can never be forgotten easily .
    Adieu Papa .

  11. I am a living witness. Daddy was a good man, I benefitted from his immense goodwill thoughtfulness and inspiration as a father through his son and my friend Leke.
    Rest on Dr O O Ojeleye.

  12. Papa Ojeleye. Great thanks to the Almighty God who love you more than we did. What a pleasant life, with many lives you have touched and the sound good legacies you left behind which you will be forever remembered for.
    Rest on papa until we meet to part no more.
    Sun re ooo.

    1. We are a sojourner in this world and one day we shall all return to our heavenly home. Your love for people, community, Gbọ̀ngàn and to all and sundry was unquantifiable and likewise genuine.

      Bàbá, you lived an exemplary life full of impacts and worthy of emulations and you left an indelible mark where no one could fill.
      Continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more.

      You will be greatly missed, Bàbá Ọ̀jẹ́lẹ́yẹ.
      Rest in Power!

      David Ọdẹ́rántí

  13. It so hard to say goodbye to you Daddy , till we meet again to part
    no more . Goodnight Daddy .


    Baba Kúnlé pèyìndà
    Olópolo tó bí Yomí sílo bí oyin
    A ò rí bàbá a Lékè mó
    Bàbá Ayò yómo tó bí kalè láìjà tì

    Onígègé àrà bí Olóògbé sòwón
    Olópolo pípé bí irú u won níye
    Omolúàbí bí irú u won ò wópò

    O kó wa nísé a kósé yanjú
    A ò tètè mò pé won kì í sèkà
    Torí owó tó fi mún wa ó le Koko
    Nígbà tí a wà nílé ìwé è

    Igbà tó bù se gàdà
    Igbà tó bù se gèdé
    Ó yé kóówá irú eni tí Baba á se
    Ká wí fún ni ká gbó n niyì omo aráyé
    Ká fò fún ni ká gbà niyì omo ènìyàn
    Bàbá kì í sòpè láàrin ìlú
    Ó n se légbélégbé se lógbàlógbà
    Kò yanlèsìn Kan nípòsìn
    Bí kémbérí sehun tótó Omo ní í se
    Iwà Omolúàbí lafò tí n sè
    Ó dájú sáká irú u won ò wópò

    Mélòó la ó kà léyín adípèlé?
    Nínú isé rere tí Baba ti gbé se
    Isé rere tí Baba ti gbé se kò lóńkà
    Ènìyàn pàtàkì tó gbéléèwé wá
    Níbi tírúuwa ti kadá fakoyo
    Iléèwé tí mo fi sòpá kùtèlè

    Tóò, aféré la fi í pode èyí kú
    Ekùtù la fi í pode eyí nù
    Bólópoló bá sílè wò
    Gègé la fi í sorò léhiñ won
    Àmó sá,ojúlówó akoni Kan kì í kú
    Olópolo pípé won kì í sùn
    Bírú u wón bá sípò dà
    Gègé la fi í sorò léhiñ won

    Àní bírú u wón bá pèyìndà tán
    Isé e won a máa fohùn léhìn won
    Ó di gbére, O dàrìnnàkò
    Ó dàrìnnàkò ó dojú àlá
    Ó dojú oorun ká tó le ríra
    A ó pàdé lésè olùgbàla
    Overseer Òjéléye Oyèlérè ó dàbò

    CSP Odétólá Ásìmíyù Olálékan 88 Set

  15. Though death is inevitable. Pa, Overseer Dr Ojeleye; your legacy will always linger over in my heart and that of numerous people.
    You are an epitome of unconditional love, the principle of godliness that must be uphold.
    No doubt, Overseer Dr Ojeleye, you were great in life and still great in death.
    You are a lion among animals, an ostrich among birds, a hero among warriors and intelligentsia among the learned.
    Yes! you have all these attributes and many more in your family, your home, town, in the church of God, in your LG area, in the State, among the patriots, in all places you had worked and in the academic circles. By every human standard, you have vehemently fought a good fight!
    You have finished your race and where again shall we meet for a glorious reunion….
    A wonderful and amazing ‘father’, friend and most importantly; a worthy and exemplary leader who touched and impacted positively in the lives of many people, especially, in the spiritual realm, transparency in administration and hardworking. Hmmmm…too good and upright to be missed!
    May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sunshine warm upon your face….
    Rest in peace, a true and ever committed soldier of God.

  16. Seest thou a man diligent in his business and faithful in his way he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men. Layo as I fondly called you when you were here on the planet earth, you were diligent in all the responsibilities you were privileged to handle and you were faithful in all your services to God and man. You are therefore with the Lord and resting in His bosom. Sleep on my dear friend Layo untill we meet to part no more.
    A o pade lese Jesu
    Nibiti a ko ni ya ara wa
    A o ri ara wa
    A o yo mo ara wa
    Jesu ni yio se Alaga wa
    Adieu! Layo

  17. Though I did not meet baba in person, his life is ably reflected in Dr. Kunle Ojeleye. I have a copy of his book, which I am yet to devour. All in all, baba lived a good life and most importantly left a worthy legacy. Sleep well baba in the bosom of your Lord. Yours was a life of service!

  18. Overseer Dr. Joseph Omolayo Olalere Ojeleye lives forever!

    History is part of biography of great men! I was blessed to have had the late Overseer, Dr. Omolayo Olalere Ojeleye as a father, Spiritual Leader, College Principal and Mentor. Baba Overseer was an epitome of love and godliness.
    As a leader, he made for himself and family a good name which is precious than gold and silver. In the sound of time he has shown that it is possible to live to your word! Baba did not compromise the truth, he taught what he believed and practiced the same. Little wonder he was loved by the children, family, associates, religious body and society at large.

    It will be done on me if I failed to recognise Baba Ojeleye as a giver; Daddy level of giving was second to none. Without reservation I would like to refer to Baba as a symbol of love and unity to the Ojeleye’s and the extended family; he cared for all. I could not forget in hurry how the book he gave me during my wedding helped in shaping my marriage relationship. Check out for the book though small but loaded “Your money or your marriage”. God bless you sir for that wonderful gift.

    It will be of great value to recount my last discussion with Overseer. I went to his house to pay homage as it was good to always look after someone that has really touched your life positively. Daddy did not mince words that day. He did not hide his feelings and believes about life. He once said Kola, “success is not about your wishes, dreams and the like but success is greatly about what you desire plus the skills you acquired multiply by your faith in God”. This led us to the issue of faith and leadership. I was quick to say Daddy, don’t you think that we were going into complex issues of life and death? He smiled! He responded by saying yes I know my son, I want you to learn from what I knew but I never considered to be a great force! Obviously I was quiet! He said many times he found himself fighting for the freedom of others and better welfare packages but in return the same set of people and groups became torn in his flesh. Daddy quoted one of his favourite verses in Bible to support his assertion “laarin awọn eniyan mi lati rí ènìyàn ika’’. Today the rest is history! As I stepped forward to leave Daddy said won’t you pray for me. At that juncture, I was afraid, I said daddy you have done the needful by the word of your advice and prayers today but asking me to pray for you is like changing the order but daddy eventually carry the day!

    ‘Daddy Overseer’ the legacy you left behind leaves after you sir! Good night Papa till we meet on the resurrection morning!

    Adieu Great Papa!

  19. I met Dr. J. O. Ojeleye when I was appointed as the Team Head of the branch of an organization that I worked with in Gbongan in 2008, he was introduced to me as one of the illustrious sons of the Land. I found in him, a man of humble spirit and a man that had deep passion for development of Gbongan.

    By divine intervention, I started living in his BQ at Oke Ola in 2010, I live in his compound for six years without paying a dime. In his words, “the property is a gift, freely given to him by God”. Those six years were very memorable period for me because he treated me like one of his children. He became my mentor, my counselor and my father. I found in him, a man that fear God and a man of God per excellence.

    Daddy’s hospitality was second to none. Every Friday of the week, I went back to my family with different kinds of farm produce ( Oranges, pawpaw, fresh corn, honey, palm oil, plantain & so on). The pawpaw were so big, that we still talk about them in my home till date.

    The Father – Daughter relationship continues even after I left Gbongan and it’s environs. Our last conversation was on Thursday, July 29, 2021 when he called, as he used to do regularly, to ask after my welfare and family. I did not know that he was calling to say goodbye.

    To my brothers and sisters, the children, please accept my heartfelt condolences. Kindly take solace in the fact that, his Grace – filled life was spent in serving God and humanity.

    Sleep on Daddy Ojeleye.
    Good night sir.

  20. Daddy,
    In my life, you played many parts
    You acted well your parts.
    As my second father. You provided a haven to nurture my academic flair
    As my friend’s dad, you towered above many fathers
    As my school principal, the evidence of your advise on the assembly is there for all to see: Lives moulded, reclaimed and redirected.
    As an overseer in the household of faith, you demonstrated what dedication to God meant.
    As a community leader, you left your print on Gbongan land…

    We thank God for the grace filled life you lived.
    Adieu daddy


    We all have unique and distinct callings in life. Baba Overseer (Dr) J. O. Ojeleye – a father, a teacher, a disciplinarian to the core, and a mentor to thousands of which I’m extremely proud to be one – touched humanity with all his heart. He’s an indefatigable and devoted teacher, a church leader and an erudite scholar who built glorious, awesome and enduring edifice of humanity, doting the landscape and traversing various facets of people’s lives through inspiring pedagogy.

    At Gbongan High School, the whispering sounds of “the Principal is coming” caused trepidation from the assembly ground to classrooms. Indeed, the school experienced tremendous growth and development in agriculture during Baba’s tenure as the Principal, including planting of palm trees, oranges, pineapples, maize, yam, etc in the school farm.

    Baba was a consummate administrator who never spared the rod in correcting any erring student. His positive impact on our lives remains indelible. Today, we’re all better for it, we dare say. He’ll be greatly missed by his family members, Gbongan community as well as his numerous students who have made it in their various chosen careers both at home and in diaspora.

    **Good night Baba till we meet on the Resurrection Morning**

  22. Dad lived a pious and fulfilled life in service to God and humanity. By his glorious transition, he has, without a scintilla of doubts, swelled the ranks of the church triumphant. Among his noteworthy deeds, I recalled with nostalgia how his timely intervention saved my dad from untimely death during a cholera outbreak in the 70s. Although we were then infants, I remember how he had promptly arrived our house in his signature Renault in response to my family’s save our souls and rushed our dad to the hospital. He was such a dependable public-spirited man of God. He has left behind a worthy legacy and indelible footprints on the sands of time as an erudite academic, go-to community leader, minister of God and doting patriarch. My thoughts, prayers and heartfelt condolences are with the family that God should give everyone strength and comfort over this painful loss. May the Almighty grant unto him eternal rest and preserve his living and nonliving treasures. He lives in our hearts forever!!!

  23. Daddy showed us how to live. It was a great privilege to have known him personally. Now that he has finished his race, we believe his soul is resting in peace with the Lord until the resurrection day when we shall meet again.

  24. To live is Christ, to die is gain. I believe you lived a fulfilled life. Heaven has gained another saint. May your soul rest in perfect peace with the Lord sir. Sun re o.

  25. Baba Ojeleye; that is the way I used to called him. Baba is a loving and caring father and he was so passionate about the development of Gbongan. I remembered the last time he called me on phone “Yinka,I have not seen you for sometime,what is the latest about the Jamb CBT center” I quickly rush to him and I briefed him accordingly. They have started the construction of the CBT center now but Baba is no more,how I wish you are alive to be part of the delegate that will commission the centre after it might have been completed. Baba, you are such a wonderful father,the whole community will surely miss you sir. Sun re oooooo .

  26. Baba Ojeleye is an educationist per excellence, a complete family man, disciplinarian and a believer in hardwork. He has left an indelible print in the life of many mine inclusive. It is only right to celebrate your passing baba, knowing that you came, saw and conquer.
    Continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty God whom you whole heartedly served.

  27. I am most grateful to God I crossed your path. The two years I spent in GCHS with your fatherly advice all the time you came to the assembly ground remain indelible in my heart. Sleep on beloved of God, Overseer J.O.O. Ojeleye, you came, you saw and you conquered. Good night baba.
    I pray the Lord be with all your children both biological and others in Jesus name.

  28. A Grace-Filled Life!

    It was on November 23rd 2019 at Gbògán in Osun State of SW Nigeria.

    Ègbón Kunle was in Nigeria at the time I also visited. I committed to seeing him in his country home of Gbògán just for one reason. I wanted to meet bàbá.

    I finally made it to Gbògàn.

    Bàbá did his best to make my visit a lot memorable.

    As a teacher of teachers who had produced many Professors and Captains of industries under his belt, I was wowed and humbled by the precision and depth with which he relived his decades of impactful and life changing experience. I left so much loaded with a full blown encouragement to continue to pay more attention to the most important thing in this world- touching lives.

    Bàbá was generous enough to gift me a personally autographed copy of his book- A Grace-Filled Life.

    Learning that I would be heading to Ìtaògbólú to see my mama afterwards, he also gave me a gallon of freshly made palm oil (from his farm) for her.

    Bàbá made his mark. He nurtured and built talents. He was an enigma. And his impacts were far reaching.

    To know Bàbá is to be fully aware of where ègbón Kunle Ojeleye got the DNA for his simplicity, generosity and selfless service from.


    Early yesterday, the Lord called Bàbá home.

    The nonagenarian and the patriarch of the Ojeleyes- Dr Joseph Olalere Omolayo Ojeleye truly lived an exemplary life. He was indeed a rare gift to the world.

    Sleep well and peacefully grandpa!

  29. Adieu to a teacher of teachers, a counselor, excellent disciplinarian, a leader, and an administrator. What else can we say, you came, you saw and you overcome. Glory be to the Almighty God. Baba, you were Indeed a gift to your generation and you were able to deliver on the assignments that God gave to you. You touched lives. You positively impacted on lives. Rest on Daddy… until we meet to part no more.

  30. Baba has done wonderfully well and he will be greatly missed and remembered for his discipline, truthfulness and unwavering faith. Those of us opportuned to be tutored by him will attest to this. It is a pity that I couldn’t see him before breathing his last, because I was planning to go to GBN the following month he died, having missed seeing him during baba Akinyooye’s funeral, because he was sleeping and I told them not to wake him up, that I will come back but circumstances didn’t permit me. I enjoyed being with him in his old age discussing good old days, politics and GBN development anytime I’m with him. And I cannot forget the role he played(as principal and father) when I lost my father (who happened to be his friend), when I was in form five. May God accept and rest his soul. Once again, my condolences to ẹ̀gbọ́n Kunle, Yomi, Leke and Ayoyiola.

  31. Baba will always be remembered for his disciplinary nature and he was a true servant of God , he will also be remembered for his popular bible passage isaiah 1:19 , he never said the next verse

  32. Erin wo! !!
    Ajanaku sun bi Oke! !!
    Baba Ojeleye was a symbol of diligence, integrity and great passion. His quest for success for anyone he came in contact with was unprecedented.
    Baba will be greatly missed by all and sundry.
    May the Lord preserve his family and all of us in Jesus name.

  33. Exit of Heavyweight
    Baba Overseer Dr.J O O Ojeleye, the pioneer Principal, Gbongan Community High school, Gbongan of which I was one of the first set of students admitted through written examination and rigorous oral interview lived a fulfilled life.He was a disciplinarian to the core,The first President Gbongan Progressive Union (Home Base)of which I served under his tenure as Assistant Gen. Secretary.A stunt member Association of Gbongan Progressive Elements (AGPE)Gbongan. A community leader of Surulere street,Oke-Ola, Gbongan.Each time Baba appeared in the meeting,sense of decorum was being observed because He was known to be a no nonsense person. His leadership quality was second to none.I remember one of his sayings that “E so fun eniyan buburu pe ko ni dara fun” meaning that it will not be well with bad people. More to say but I’m constrained because of space.We loved you but God loves most,Good night till the eternity when we shall meet to part no more.

  34. When You taught us writing in Js1 in 1986 amidst long canes and chalkboard ruler with coloured chalks. You said how can a secondary school students can write legibly? After so many beating and correction, my writing began to improve, my early days of schooling moves from Mama Ojeleye as Head mistress at St David who loved me dearly to the knowledge of my parents to your hand in GCHS, it looks like from frying pan to fire but it was for my good I can say today. Thank you for giving to the Lord. You are a true father who loved us and wants us all to succeed.May you continue to rest in perfect peace.
    Adieu Baba.

  35. Daddy JOO Ojeleye was a man of his words, an erudite, a disciplinarian personified, very diligent, he dealt with all female students delicately, as the Bible described, one thing I will remember for in my heart is heart of forgiveness that he showed, until his death, he kept calling and reaching to those he might have offended one way or the other to apologise to those he was able to reach out to, in other to make peace with them and free himself of any accusation, I gain a lot from that. Even though we talk over the phone, but made sure I was at his place during the inauguration of the BoT, and am glad I did, even though he couldn’t recognise me, he said, haaa “Tani eleyi”, I said Tolani, he said, “enhn hn se eeyan le so pe Tolani le sanra bayi”, meaning he couldn’t recognize me, because I have added weight. Daddy we will miss you,
    but continue to inscribe you in our hearts. Rest now until we meet again.

  36. What a colossal loss your demise has caused for us !. A great icon with outstanding legacies exit this sinful world.
    Dr overseer J.O ojeleye is a rare gem , role model worthy of emulation , disciplinarian , puritan , diligent man, philanthropist , a sage , benefactor , a magnanimous being to all and sundry. Your way of life has touched many life’s positively. A noble and honesty man to the core and father to all and to the family I represent
    Your departure has left a vast vacum in our hearts but we appreciate God for the fruitful life and legacy worthy of life you left behind. Your good works will forever be inscribed and excerpt an indelible mark in our hearts
    It’s my prayer that the good lord will grant the children you left behind the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Daddy continue to rest on the bosom of our dear lord Jesus Christ till we meet and part no more… We love you sir but God loves you most… Adieu daddy !!!
    Dare Ogunwale on behalf of the family…..


    Yes! A great disciplinarian and philanthropic ambassador has gone!!!

    His words when GCHS was moved and at the verge of ceasing to exist…….
    “Ah! ki ise owuro mi ko si baje loju aye mi, ko yato si ki a so wipe akobi omo eniyan ku.
    Nitorina, Femi, iwo ati elegbe re, e sa ipa to ba wa nikawo yin lati ri daju pe won da ile-iwe ye pada.”
    And l was crying with baba that very day.
    (a day l can never forget).

    Throughout the struggle and effort employed to restore the school,
    baba himself also contributed money from his personal purse for the restoration of the glory of the school which eventually brought unspeakable joy to him atlast when the school was restored and he said to me….. “Femi, you are a goal getter, God bless you and your people”. And this motivated him (inspite of his health condition) to be physically present in the school during the scholarship awards and BOT inauguration ceremonies……all dedicated to his honour.

    Ka to r’erin, o digbo
    Ka to r’efon, o dodan
    Ka to ri eni bi baba wa, J.O.O. OJELEYE,
    o d’orun alakeji.

    He left a footprint at the sand of time.

    A man of intelligence, integrity, great pioneer that built enduring legacies, a father indeed!……….

    Sleep on and continue to rest in the bosom of thy Lord.


  38. Daddy You treaded this side of Eternity like a Colossus and made significant impact in my life and the lives of many. I am forever grateful for what God used you to do in my life. Rest in Peace Baba, Overseer (Dr) J.O.O. Ojeleye

  39. Papa was a colossus of nugget aggregate! Thank you for your life impact. Rest in the bossom of your Lord! ADIEU!!!

  40. When Vicki Corona said , “Life is not measured by the number of breaths that we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” He must have had Dr. Olalere Ojeleyeon his mind. Papa’s life was, visibly, dedicated to an active service to humanity. A life well-spent.

    Even though I didn’t meet Dr Olalere in person, I met him in his son, Dr. Kunle Ojeleye: A well-groom man with the complete OMOLUABI ethos. Incontestably, he is a metaphor for all that the deceased represented.

    Dr Joseph Olalere Ojeleye led a productively great life. The words of Ian Lancaster Fleming— an English author, journalist and naval intelligence officer who is best known for his James Bond series of spy novels— “Death is forever. But so are diamonds” are both apt and soothing here. Death has claimed papa’s life. But Dr Joe, to us, is a diamond. He would forever be in our memories. May God forgive him of his iniquities and grant him a beautiful repose.

  41. A worthy chapter closed and a new journey to eternity begins. Many good testimonies were read about Papa and l believed strongly he’s rejoicing with the saints in high heavens. Sleep till the resurrection morning Baba. ADIEU

  42. This message is to my wonderful principal, Papa Ojeleye, you are one of a kind that everyone will which to have as a father, because you are a disciplinarian to the core, you don’t do favoritism, you treated everyone equally, and you left a good legacy, you will surely be missed, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace 🙏 🙏 🙏

  43. Baba is a great Icon and a true legend who we can never forget in a jiffy. My first personal encounter with baba was in 2011 when I was the President of National Association of Gbongan Student Union LAUTECH. We had the vision of bringing Baba to Ogbomoso in 2012 as a guest lecturer at our annual Gbongan Olufi Day. Many thoughts we won’t be able to bring such high caliber, disciplinary and time conscious man to Ogbomoso but baba in his love, immunity and unbeatable love for education came all the way down to Ogbomoso with the Olufi Entourage it was a day I will never forget in the history of my life. Ever since then my relationship with Baba has been a father to son relationship. At a time baba stepped in to resolve a dispute that was tearing my parents apart and to God be the glory my parents are still together till now. I do visit Baba house every 26 of December whenever I traveled home to celebrate Christmas with him. I can go on and on about the good deals of this great legend. I pray may your soul rest in the bossom of the Lord. We will keep on celebrating you Oveerseer (Dr) Olalere Ojeleye –
    Patron National Association of Gbongan Student Union.

  44. Thank God for the help you received to be His son and to train our big egbon the best version of you. Farewell sir till resurrection morning.

  45. Yes! Papa Ojeleye was an Amazing man of God, educationist, disciplinarian, mentor and a great father. His life is an inspiration to many. May he continue to rest in peace until the day of Jesus Christ.

  46. Pa Ojeleje you came, you saw and you conquered. We grew up to know you as a strict disciplinarian and a forthright personality, a legacy which many that crossed your path imbibed. As you have been called home May you gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu our dear dad.

  47. We celebrate the exit to eternal glory of our dear father, Overseer Dr. J.O.O Ojeleye (PhD). Baba was a community leader, a seasoned disciplinarian, a scholar and God fearing. To the heir of the Ojeleyes’, Dr Kunle and my wonderful friend sister and brother, Yomi & Leke, and darling kid sister Ayo, it’s the celebration of life well spent. Rest in peace Baba Ojeleye.

  48. “Death cancels everything but truth; and strips a man of everything but genius and virtue. It is a sort of natural canonization” (William Hazlitt, 1825).

    May the gentle soul of Pa Ojeleye rest peacefully.

  49. I am short of words to describe your good nature. You were a leader per excellence, a leader of charming personality who is worthy of emulation by the young generation.
    You were a bridge builder, a lover of peace, a freedom fighter who abhorred unfairness but would rather uphold truth and justice.
    A man of integrity, determinations, man of principle and symbol of excellence.
    You were a strong pillar with a strong desire and passion for things of God.
    The Apostolic Church Gbongan Area will never forget you sir.
    Amusan Eunice Oluwafunmilayo Oyebode 1984 Set

  50. We join entire Gbongan community to celebrate the glorious exit of a rare gem dear late father , pioneer principal , Pa J.O Ojeleye. His leadership style is the kind that always reflects others view in decision-making. Something spectacular and significant about the iconic administrator is that early life and childhood events, circumstances, and challenges made a raffia basket builder out of him , but he didn’t give a flight neither a fright , instead put up a fierce fight to become a builder of great minds, great men and women. We present our heart-felt condolence to everyone left behind by the great scholar. May almighty God repose his soul and grant him eternal rest . Amen.
    Gbongan people say goodbye to an illustrious son !
    GHS 1995 set old students say goodbye to an iconic administrator!
    Flora and fauna honing goodbye to an enthusiastic Botanist and conservationist !
    The above tribute is a collective tribute of 1995 Set.
    Festus Akinposi Adejuwon (Senior Prefect 1995 )

  51. Sunre Baba oninu re
    I remember vividly Baba Ojeleye will address us on the assembly
    Eyin omo binrin, you are like Massy Gown. If you use Massy Gown in raining season if the helm are stained with mud when you wash it, it will never be the same so be careful.
    This saying of Baba Ojeleye keep me going as a girl even when I grew up, I tread my path with care
    Mrs Iyabo Phelps nee Olayinka

  52. “The exit of an Icon”. Baba your immeasurable impact on the lives of your students and others around you has produced men and women of honor both home and abroad whose biography will not be complete without mentioning your name.
    Having you around is our great desire but answering the call of your maker is of the utmost importance.
    Adieu baba, may your soul rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord.
    (From: Isawade T.O, 84 set).

  53. I was privileged to play the role of the principal during the sentforth/retirement party of Dr. Ojeleye (I can’t remember the year again 199_). Acting like  him thought me the great values and principles of life that I have imbibed and live by up till today. Playing the role of a tough, yet caring principal of a small town that  he virtually knew all families was a challenge but I guessed I managed to pull it off despite I am a girl.

    In his stern voice he’ll say something like “ti mo ba ri o ni titi, t’o n ri regberegbe pelu school uniform mi lorun e. Ma koko fun o ni igbati ofe, ma wa fi moto mi gbe o wa si inu ofici mi lofe. Wa wa je egba ofe. Ti mo ba wa beere pe kini oruko e? Ti o ba da mi lohun, ti mo ba so pe …. ti ibo? A je pe o rogo lowo mi niyen, nitori a je wipe mo mo baba re ni yen…. 
    “Omo ti a ba n bawi, ti ba n warunki, yio parun lojiji ni”

    Moreso, I recollect how he orchestrated the formation of Gbongan Anthem by inviting a song composer who I believed he came from Ibadan to teach (us) the school choir every week, under the strict leadership of Dr. Ojeleye and the support of other staff. There was absolutely no room for error… and the Gbongan Anthem was gloriously performed for the first time at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Oke-Church during the inauguration ceremony of Late Olufi of Gbongan, Oba (Dr.) Solomon Babayemi, Akinrinola I in 1989.

    You were indeed an ICON. Goodnight my Principal, a man of honor, great values and virtues.  Keep on resting sir till we meet to part no more.

    Boladale Adegoroye (nee Wuraola)

  54. U see Aam 🤷🏿‍♂️, Ni igba ti aba n be ni ewe, o ye ki ase bi ewe……😝🤫😤
    Glory be to God for the roles late Pa Ojeleye had played in the life of everyone. Even my friend he taught at Olivet Height Oyo has been full of tributes for him.

    Angels here and in heaven are jealous of late Pa Ojeleye arising from the torrential eulogies.
    My children, who never knew him have been praying for him based on my testimonies of him.
    Ile ayo ni ile yin, Baba J. O. O. Ojeleye.
    Itakun ko gba mi la ti ba eere faa.
    E sun re oooo.
    Remi Louis Oyedele 81 Set – BOT Chairman

  55. Baba was nice and he was a disciplinarian who wanted all his students to succeed in life, because he sees all the students as his children. I could remember, I did not sit for common entrance in Gbongan, because I had already gained admission to Maryland Comprehensive High School Lagos. But my mother was afraid of the road crossing every time I was going to school and going back home.
    So she took me back to Gbongan and we went together to see Baba. He said, and I quote “I will help your daughter, Iya Basiru, but if she fails any examination or join bad groups in school, I will send her out of the school.” He said, you must face your studies for you to make it in life.
    His words always rang a bell in my head anytime I wanted to misbehave, and I always appreciate him for the opportunity he gave me. Some students saw him as being tough, but till date, I saw him as a great disciplinarian.
    Almighty God shall stay and protect the family at large.
    Baba rest in perfect peace. I know your good work shall speak for you on the day of judgment. Sun re e, Baba olododo.
    Adijat Modupe Oyedele 1984 set. Thanks 🙏

  56. I could remember in 1984, May 23rd to be precise when I was in form 1. It was an OFN day and my class and other class had a football match to play. I was inside Dagbolu when I was called upon to come and play for my class. I answered the clarion call and left Dagbolu for the football field. In short, I felled down not quite long the football match started and I had my right hand wrist broken. When other players saw what happened, everybody ran out of the field and remained only me.
    Some people later came to my rescue and they rushed to the school hall where WAEC exam was going on to take two rulers from our seniors that were writing WAEC exam. The two rulers were used to bind my hand with bandage and I was taken to Graceland, Oke Ola. Mrs Raji was there then.
    I was at Graceland for about two hours without being attended to. Baba Ojeleye came to check on me and found out that I have not been attended to. He was not happy and went straight to the Expatriates managing the hospital then, shouted on them as a kind and caring father he was, immediately, the expatriates came out. I was later attended to and discharged the same day after POP was put on my Hand.
    I called Baba during his last birthday to say happy birthday, he was asking about my identity, I told him and the story. He was amazed. Hw paryed for me as usual. Baba Ojeleye was a kind hearted man, he wants the best for everybody not only his biological children, and such is not common.
    His exit is painful, but we should thank God for the life he lived and the legacies he left behind.

    Adewoyin Sunday ‘89 set

  57. At last Baba Ojeleye exited this sinful world. I am lucky to be one of the people that are close to him during his last days. Baba called me almost three weeks before his demise. My closeness to him was made stronger by my role in the renovations/construction works going on in our alma mata. It looks as if the returning of the school (Gbongan Community High School) to her original site and high school status was what Baba has been waiting for. The day the BOT was inaugurated, one can see the satisfaction and fulfilment in his face and his readiness for eternity. Baba will always call me to first appreciate my contributions to the ongoing renovations and followed by inquiries about the progress on the work. We will continue to try our best to make sure that the project you cherished most (G. C. H. S.) is taken to the status you had in your heart.
    Sleep on Baba till we meet to part no more.
    From Chief Dr Adekola Olayinka OKE. (1985 Set).

  58. Baba, Dr Ojeleye was a good Christian elder anyone would emulate. He lived what he preached. He was an epitome of love and kindness. Quick to encourage any wearied soul. An astute teacher and believer. We miss you daddy but we take solace in the belief that we shall meet again on the resurrection morning. Adieu and good night daddy.
    Lifespring Chapel, Wakajaye Junction, Gbongan, Osun State.

  59. Adieu, Daddy.
    Your life was worthy to emulate.
    We children wish you eternal rest. (Amen).

  60. Baba, a fẹ yin sugbọn Jesu fẹ yin ju wa lọ.
    Ẹ ma sinmi laya Olugbala titi ọjọ ajinde.

  61. You are too good to us Baba and we can never forget you and your impact in the church. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

  62. O dun wa pupọpupọ lati gbọ iku ẹni rere to lọ.
    A fẹ ọ sugbọn Jesu fẹ ọ ju wa lọ.
    Sun re o, Baba oninu re. O digba.

  63. God giveth and taketh.
    My brother, I am shocked when I had the call of the children telling me you have gone to the world beyond.
    Ah, iku doro, ẹgbọn mi lọ.
    O digba kan na, o digba o se. A o tun rira l’ẹsẹ Jesu.
    Sun re o.

  64. On behalf of all the ministers, Elders and Saints of Ikire District, we express our heartfelt sorrow on the demise of our father Overs. Dr J. O. O. Ojeleye that joined the triumphant saints on the 28th of August 2021. We do pray for the church of the Lord left behind, children and family that God in his infinite mercies will give you fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. God bless the family.

  65. Good night, Baba, a loving father teacher counsellor, and a lover of progress in the field of academic for the younger ones. You will always be remembered for the legacy you have left to move our youths to a greater height in the field of education. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

  66. Thank God for your life that you lived for God.
    Most, importantly, you died in Christ.
    You lived a fulfilling life. Glory be to God.

  67. All is well that ends well.
    We met at Oduduwa College in 1955 and we stuck together as one family till the time of your departure to your eternal home.
    You left a legacy of honesty discipline and truthfulness, you impacted many lives for good.
    Rest in the bosom of your saviour.

  68. An icon and rare gem has just gone.
    We love you but Jesus love you more.
    May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu.
    (On behalf of St. Peter’s Ang. Church, Oke Apata)

  69. My teacher, my mentor, my father. A disciplinarian to the core.
    I cannot forget you in my life for you reinstated my marriage.

  70. Daddy Ojeleye, I love you but God loves you more.
    May your soul rest in peace

  71. You cry to the world lonely, you left the world having many crying for your exit.

  72. Papa Overseer JOO Ojeleye was a brilliant scholar, mentor, administrator.
    May God grant him eternal life. Amen.
    (Chairman, Surulere Landlords Association)

  73. Baba Overseer Dr J. O. O. Ojeleye has gone to rest.
    A teacher of teachers, a counsellor, a good adviser, pacesetter, a community leader, an administrator, a role model, and mentor.
    Your legacy will continue to linger in our minds.
    We love you but God loves you most.
    Good night, my pioneer Principal at GCHS, Gbongan.
    Adieu, Sir.

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